Welcome Jan & Lucas

Franziskus Kiefer
January 8, 2024

📢 Exciting News! Cryspen is thrilled to announce the addition of two exceptional minds to our team: Dr. Lucas Franceschino and Jan Winkelmann.

🎓 Lucas, our new R&D Proof & Tool Engineer, brings a remarkable background in formal verification, dependently typed languages, and abstract interpretation techniques. His expertise in functional programming, evident in his work with languages like Haskell, PureScript, OCaml, Coq, Idris, and F*, is complemented by his proficiency in NixOS and Emacs. Notably, Lucas is the main author of hax, our groundbreaking tool for formally verifying Rust code.

In his role at Cryspen, Lucas will spearhead our efforts to establish hax as the premier Rust verification toolkit.

📚 Jan, our new Cryptography Engineer, joins us with a wealth of experience in reviewing code and documentation across a diverse range of projects. His deep understanding of cryptography, programming languages, and concepts has been honed through his exposure to a variety of projects. Jan’s background extends beyond cryptography, encompassing strategic planning and formal methods. He is for example currently involved in an ambitious endeavor to develop mechanized cryptographic proofs using SSPs.

At Cryspen, Jan will play a pivotal role in advancing our MLS and OpenMLS projects. His expertise will be instrumental in ensuring the security and reliability of these critical tools.

🌟 The arrival of Lucas and Jan is a testament to our unwavering commitment to attracting top talent and fostering a collaborative environment. We are confident that their unparalleled knowledge and passion for formal methods and cryptography will propel Cryspen to new levels of excellence.

🤝 Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Lucas and Jan! Their contributions will be instrumental in solidifying Cryspen’s position as a leader in high-assurance security and privacy solutions. We are excited to partner with them as we revolutionize the digital landscape and empower businesses to thrive in an increasingly secure and private world.