Announcing Campus Cyber Circus Project

Franziskus Kiefer
September 20, 2023

🎉 We’re excited to announce that Cryspen partnered with Inria on a transfer project to build a new integrated development and verification environment (IDVE). The project is part of the transfer program at Campus Cyber, which brings together France’s top cybersecurity experts.

The goal of this project is to advocate the commercial use of automated reasoning in security critical solutions in software engineering processes. We plan to make the IDVE, based on hax, usable by any developer, even if they don’t have formal verification knowledge. We will apply hax to Bertie, the first formally verified, high-performance, implementation of TLS 1.3. 

With this project our ambition is to fundamentally change the way security-critical software is developed and deployed, such that safety and security of software can be measurably improved across the industry.

Get in touch if you want to learn more or partner with Cryspen to apply hax to your software and improve safety and security of your products.