Welcome Jonas

Franziskus Kiefer
July 10, 2023

📢 Exciting News! 🚀 We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Jonas Schneider-Bensch, to the Cryspen family as our newest R&D Cryptography Engineer!

🎓 Jonas brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise, with a special focus on privacy-preserving technologies. His groundbreaking research and dedication to advancing cryptographic techniques have earned him a prominent reputation in the field.

📚 With a remarkable PhD thesis titled “New Approaches to Privacy Preserving Signatures,” Jonas has demonstrated his deep understanding and innovative thinking in safeguarding privacy in digital transactions. His work has set new benchmarks for ensuring confidentiality and authenticity in cryptographic protocols.

💡 In his role at Cryspen, Jonas will spearhead our efforts in privacy-preserving technologies, with a primary focus on Multi-Party Computation (MPC). By leveraging his expertise in this area, he will explore the vast potential of MPC, and its application to machine learning and AI. 🧠💪

🌟 Jonas’s arrival reinforces our commitment to attracting top talent and building a diverse and collaborative team. We are confident that Jonas’s unparalleled knowledge and passion for software and cryptography will further enhance our ability to develop cutting-edge solutions that protect user privacy while enabling breakthroughs in AI and machine learning.

🤝 Join us in extending a warm welcome to Jonas Schneider-Bensch! We’re thrilled to have him as a vital addition to our team, as we continue to push boundaries in the world of high-assurance security and privacy technologies.